Unlucky Love

Translation from the CD "VISITKORT"

Unlucky in love

But luckily with you

Wanting must do

When all I ever wanted for was you


We shouldn´t be apart

Cause you´re so smart

and I am aimless


A miracle is all I need

to show my love is stainless

as a knife

and harder than life


Noone else will do for me

I´m not the one they´re choosing

Still you deserve all my desire

and this grip I´m never ever losing

Never ever losing


Unlucky love

But luckily for you

Words from above

Keep telling me my dream may well come true


I´m such a silly fool

but as a rule I´m being hopeful


We can´t let all this hope simply elope

it would be awful

and a shame

The Unlucky game


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