My Poodle and I

Translation from the CD "VISITKORT"

My poodle and I

You´ll see us walking on by

as we talk about all

the values we share

and the small stuff

that we hold dear

My poodle and I

have an unusual tie


My poodle´s OK

She agrees with my way

That so much of it all

has no value at all

But the small stuff

is dear to us both

My poodle´s OK

she ´s thinking my way


And air and greenery

is stuff that we like

Wishes and hopes

we bring along on our hike

My poodle and I


My poodle and I

We´re sharing the time

´tween we come and we go

Cause that´s all we know

Every year,

seven poodle-years flow

My poodle and I

Go on intertwined


And games and hugs

We like when we find

Loneliness has never

crossed our minds

My poodle and I


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